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League of Angels: Pact

Role playing, MMORPG, Fantasy

500Bonus Point Pack

500 Coupons:1,Common Gem Chest:2,Holy Land Potion:2

1000Bonus Point Pack

500 Coupons:2,Common Gem Chest:4,Holy Land Potion:8

3000Bonus Point Pack

1000 Coupons:3,Star Aegis:2,Medium Gem Chest:15

5000Bonus Point Pack

Sigil Stone:1,Lunar Aegis:2,Medium Gem Chest:20

8000Bonus Point Pack

Sun Aegis:1,1000 Coupons:3,Advanced Gem Chest:6

10000Bonus Point Pack

Wings of Guardian:1,1000 Coupons:5,Advanced Gem Chest:8

30000Bonus Point Pack

Floating Light:1,1000 Coupons:6,Advanced Gem Chest:20

50000Bonus Point Pack

Iris Dream:1,1000 Coupons:8,Advanced Gem Chest:24